sniff & rin

I entered prestigious Ewha Womans University to study journalism with plural majors. In particular, I was interested in PR and took numerous courses on that. While reading many books relate to PR, I learned that a large number of threatening factors faced by social organizations can lead to an opportunity or failure, depending on whether PR based on accurate analysis of the environment surrounding such organizations as well as of the members and organizations, fails or succeeds.

After graduating from the university, while active as a researcher for Gallup, the largest polls surveying firm in Korea, I could collect and analyze objectively opinions of the public to understand social phenomenon and forecast change. That was interesting to me. Now, I have become to think again of the cheese in relation to PR that I studied in school. After one year of working with the firm, I eventually entered a night graduate school, and could have in-depth study of PR to renew my awareness how important a role PR can play in preventing and resolving conflicts occurring in social organizations and human relations.

While I was preparing to study abroad to become a professional in PR after quitting my job, I following my professor's recommendation had PR job with a software company to accumulate experience and practice my knowledge. In addition, that was a new challenge to me. The front-line PR work served as a vivid textbook for me, enlivening my static thoughts and views.

Harnessing five years of study and front-line experience as my valuable asset, and new challenge in University of Florida, I now intend to set out for my professional PR career, the aforementioned symbolic cheese. Through PR, I am trying hard to have a deep understanding on the society and people, and hope to see the world in the right perspective with warmhearted mind I am continuing my journey as if the characters in the story are exploring the complicated and difficult labyrinth with valuable experiences and lessons written on its walls