My Melancholy Poetry

What? Have you ever heard of happy poetry?
I don't think my poetry is all that great, but what the heck--this is my ego gratification page, right? So I can put whatever I feel like on it. If ya don't like it, go make your own dang webpage! Since the bulk of my poetry is in more recent years, let's be radical and go in reverse chronological order. The best stuff, or at least my favorite poems, are from my college years, if you just want to check out a few. The best of the best? Tough pick, but in my humble opinion, it's "The Invisible Line."
If you find yourself getting depressed, don't say I didn't warn you!

Chicago College Mountain High School Grade School

Chicago Poetry (1992-1993)

I attempted to maintain motivation for poetry writing after my fruitful college writing classes, but I think I depressed myself so much, I quit. Those frigid Chicago winters certainly didn't inspire me to do much but drink hot tea and huddle under the covers!
Top College Mountain High School Grade School

College Poetry (1991-1992)

I took a poetry and creative writing classes my senior year at Stetson, as part of my English major requirements. To date this is the best stuff I've produced so far. It helps to have the spare time graduate school ripped away, the motivation a poem-per-week deadline gives you, and an intelligent and thoughtful group of poem critics. Reviewing all this poetry is certainly inspiring me try to write down soon the many fragments that have floated around in my head in the years since then, in which I've thought, "Now THAT would make a cool poem!"
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Black Mountain Poetry (Summer 1990)

I spent two summers during my college years working at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, a conference center located in Black Mountain, North Carolina. My second summer I was put in charge of the weekly staff newsletter put out. Searching for content to fill it up led to some inspired poetry, albeit somewhat rough around the edges.
Top Chicago College High School Grade School

High School Poetry (1984-1988)

Pretty lame and pathetic stuff. Fortunately, I was too busy dealing with the angst and hormones of adolesence to write much of this drivel. There's actually a somewhat funny poem in here--guess which one it is!
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Elementary School Poetry (1980-1981)

Now here's a couple of happy poems. Mom, thanks for saving these!

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