My Camp Letters

I went to Good Counsel Camp somewhere in the wilds of Florida near the Withlacoochee and Rainbow Rivers during the summer of my 12th year. I ran across these letters recently and got such a kick out of them, I decided to post them for ya'll to see! Hope you're as amused by them as I am.

June 19, 1982

I ended up going to high school with the Shannon and Lisa mentioned here.
Shannon turned out to be the oldest daughter of Mike Foley, a former editor of the St. Pete Times.
I ended up having him as journalism professor in graduate school!


June 22, 1982

Nah, Mom, not homesick one iota!
A 25-mile canoe trip for only an overnight stay? That's insane!
Oh,and let me tell ya, that archery target practice has sure come in handy!


June 23, 1982

I still run out of room for my P.S.'s--
except now I usually put them on the side of the card or letter.
I find it rather odd that I was worried about not knowing how to dance,
considering my six years of ballet, jazz, and gymnastics lessons up to that point.


June 24, 1982

Ya know, I'm still peeved I didn't get to go tube-skiing.
By the way, I remember having a great time at the dance...
Hmmm, whatever did become of Larry?

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