cat named Jax This is Jax. My former roommate, Jessica, adopted him from the Shelter in October of 1999. He is now about 3 years old and lives with a dog. They get along fine.
cat named Macy This is Macy when she was about 5 months old. I adopted her in August of 2000 from the Shelter. Unfortunately, she was sick and had to have a blood transfusion, but she is 100% now. Macy is a Siamese mix. *Her eyes don't really glow, but because they are blue they show up funny in pictures.
kitten named Emme Here is Emme acting like her crazy self climbing my roommate's clothes in her closet. I started out fostering her over the summer and ended up adopting her a month later. She was the "trouble kitten" at the Humane Society. Emme is now 7 months old.
cat named Lucifer And finally Lucifer. This is my roommate's cat. He is 8 years old and hates to be picked up. In fact, I've never heard such sounds from a cat that's not at the vet's office. But he is very affectionate. Lucifer, nickname Lucy, does not like Emme at all, but gets along with Macy most of the time.

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