Did you Know...?

  • The domestic cat belongs to the family name Felis catus.
  • A cat's skeleton consists of 244 bones--40 more than the human skeleton.
  • Cats walk on their toes, their steps cushioned by pads, helping them to move silently and swiftly.
  • Cats have about 130,000 hairs per square inch on their belly and half that amount on their back.
  • Cats sleep on average 16 hours a day.
  • A cat's night vision is about 6 times more acute than a human's.
  • On average, cats live 14 years.
  • The gestation period for cats is 63 days.
  • The average litter size for a cat is 4 to 5 kittens, although some breeds (i.e. Siamese) have larger litter sizes.
  • About 1/3 of cat-owners report to owning a dog, too.
  • Cats have three eyelids, the third called a nictitating membrane which helps keep the eye moist.
  • Cats have scent-producing glands on their face, neck, shoulders, rump, and between their toes. These are used to mark their territory.
  • There are over 50 breeds of domestic cats. The 10 most popular are:
    • Persian
    • Maine Coon
    • Siamese
    • Abyssinian
    • Exotic
    • Oriental
    • Scottish fold
    • American Shorthair
    • Birman
    • Burmese
  • Only one out of every 1,000 orange cats will be a female.
  • 95% of white cats with blue eyes are deaf.
  • Cats have approximately 30 teeth compared to 40 for a dog.
  • Only domestic cats purr; those in the wild do not.
  • About 99% of calico and tortoiseshell cats are female.
  • The average house cat weighs 11 pounds.
  • Famous fictional cats include the Cheshire cat, the Pink Panther, and Sylvester.
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