A Year in the life of Alison Rumley...Summer 2001

A Season of Fun in the Sun

After deciding to quit my job at LOMA, there was a short period of play. I spent some time in Alabama at my dad's house on the Coosa River. I spent much of time laying out on the boat and roaming around on a waverunner.

But reality quickly set in again and realized that I needed to decide what I was going to do with my time. I had always thought about going to graduate school, but I never thought that I would be ready so soon after graduation. So, I took the GRE, filled out the appropriate appliactions and was accepted to the graduate program in the College of Journalism and Communcaitions at the University of Florida.

What drew me to the program was the joint degree program that is offered at UF. I will be able to earn a Master's in Mass Communications and a law degree concurrently. This will ultimately cut off a year of study than if someone completes the degrees separately. That is if all goes according to plan.

But, before it was time for me to hit the books, we made one last roadtrip up north. Rob and I went to
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to check out their new stadium, PNC Park. Although the Pirates lost, being in the atmosphere of the new stadium was worth the trip.

For the latest in news and sports in Pittsburgh, check out The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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