A Year in the life of Alison Rumley...Summer 2000

A Season of Adventure

I had just completed my junior year of college at the University of Florida, when I was starting to get stir-crazy. After growing up in Gainesville and then sticking around to go to clearly the best school in the southeast, I was getting the urge to see what life was like in other corners of the country. So, I packed up my bags and headed to Connecticut for the summer.

My boyfriend, Rob, had already moved up there for the chance to work for ESPN, the "Worldwide Leader in Sports." The thought of moving to the Northeast was exciting, something I had never even thought about doing. But, I was ready and willing to embark on this adventure and take advantage of this opportunity. So, off I went.

Bristol, Conencticut is where we called home for an entire summer. The town itelf was smaller than Gainesville, but the best thing about it was its location. I have never taken so many raodtrips in my entire life. We were able to escape to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire; Providence, Rhode Island; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; New York City and finally Boston, Massachusetts. These trips are what made the summer memorable for me.

Our first adventure of the summer was to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire to see a concert by the band Three Doors Down. The concert was in an old casino that had been converted into a concert hall. It was extremely hot and the vendors could not keep the bottled water cold enough. The music was great and definitely worth the three-hour drive.

I had been to New York City once before on my highschool senior class trip. But, it had been a few years, and we were too close not to take the hour-long train ride into the city. To say the least, we were unprepared for what we were going to face.

The wind was blowing at least 20 mph and the rain was coming down in sheets. We did not have raincoats too shield us from the storm. All we had was an umbrella that was of sub-par integrity, to say the least.

On our second trip back, we headed into dangerous ground. It was the return of Atlanta Brave pitcher John Rocker into New York after making unpopular comments the last time he visited the city. Being the adamant sports fans that we are, we wanted to say that we had been to Shea Stadium at least once in our lives.

To say the least, New York Mets fans showed us why they have a reputation of being a tough crowd for visiting teams.

Fenway Park

Perhaps, the highlight of the summer was our trip to Boston. Luckily for us, we had our very own Boston native, our friend Drew, as our personal tour guide to show us what life in Boston was really like. Before we decided what else we were going to sample of Boston, we knew we were headed to a Boston landmark, Fenway Park--home of the Boston Red Sox. Our tour guide was nothing short of captivating, a true Red Sox historian.

This is a picture of Rob, Drew and me sitting in the very seat where Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra watches the game-time action. It was so surreal to be in park bursting with history.

For the latest in Boston news and sports, check out The Boston Globe.

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