A Year in the life of Alison Rumley...Spring 2001

A Season of New Beginnings

After a good month of celebrating my college graduation, reality began to set in. It was time to look for my first "real" job. We decided to check out what seemed to be the "hotspot" for excitement and the job market. We moved to Atlanta.

I sent my resume to at least 100 different companies. I finally realized how frustrating the whole process is and how people become willing to do anything to get their feet in the door. After about three weeks of searching, I finally landed my first job out of college.

The company was called LOMA. It is an international oranization that specializes in contiuing education and training for life and health professionals. I worked in the Office of the Registrar as an Education Service Representative.

I spent most of my time corresponding with potential customers and answering whatever questions current customers might have. I was surrounded by many interesting people coming from all over the world. It was a good learning experience, however, I wasn't long before I started getting restless and began examining other options.

In the meantime, we took advantage of all the opportunities that Atlanta had to offer. We went to numerous baseball, hockey and football games, concerts, the wonderful malls and tasty restaurants.

This was also an exciting time for other members in my family. My little brother was graduating highschool. In April, he became Alabama's first team-of-one to win a state wrestling championship. He is now studying to be an engineer at the University of Virginia.

The most lasting event that happened during this season of my life was the addition to our family. At the time he was a little, black rottweiler. We call him Titan. Titan is now a 90 pound guard dog. He became the little brother of Sheeba, our seven year old garbage disposal.

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