A Year in the life of Alison Rumley...Fall 2001

A Season of Following my Heart

After committing to a move back to Gainesville, I felt like a freshman all over again. I was starting a new chapter in my life and education. I had heard nothing but wonderful things about the graduate program in Mass Communications and now I was going to find out for myself.

Little did I know when I asked my advisor if he knew of any part-time jobs within the college that I would be qualified for, I would be employed within 48 hours. Answering with much more excitement than expected, he quickly replied that he would have something available in his office.

So, currently, I am staying very busy with school and work. I try to take a break now and then and enjoy all of the action that is going on in this great college town of Gainesville. I missed this little town more than I ever thought I would.

I have come full circle in the last year of my life. I have followed my heart in all of my journeys and I don't feel that I have been steered wrong yet. The experiences during the past year have been some of the most memorable days in my life thus far. I have been many places, seen many things, met many new people and experienced so much. I am anxious to see what the up-coming seasons will bring.
This is me and my friends Christy and Casey at the Swamp on a gator gameday. The Gators beat Louisiana-Monroe by a score of 55-6. Go Gators!

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