A Year in the life of Alison Rumley...Fall 2000

A Season of Anticipation

This was the most exciting Fall season for me yet. It was the semester of my graduation and I was excited that I was finally going to earn that long-awaited and hard-earned college degree.

In addition to a full load of classes, I was fortunate enough to have an internship with Shands HealthCare. I worked in the Marketing and Public Relations department. I was finally able to apply the many things that I had learned the last three years in the classroom and use them in the professional world.

I was given oppotunities to research and write radio scripts, news releases, newsletter articles and Public Service Announcements. I am most proud of a specific newsletter article that I wrote, where I had to interview the former CEO of Shands, Richard Gaitner.

Throughout the fall, I will filled with excitement of what I had accomplished, but even more so, anticipation of what was to come. I knew my options were limitless and I was ready to take on the world.

For one of my graduation presents my mom, along with Rob and his mom, planned a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. We saw historic mansions, went on a walking ghost tour by candlelight, strolled through the markets and of course ate at some of the restraunts that Charleston is best known for. This is a picture of Rob, my mom and me in front of a historic Charleston home.

Charleston is lined with old homes that contain some piece of history in every crack. The bed and breakfast inns are the way to go. Most of the establishments there pride themselves their authenticity, including everything from the staff to the food they serve.

For more information about Charleston charm, check out Charleston.com

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