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The train station is connected to the Amsterdam airport. I loaded all my bags on a cart and made my way to the train, bought a ticket, and in a mad dash threw all my luggage aboard the train before the doors closed. A nice Dutch student helped me unload fifteen minutes later when I arried in Leiden. I guess she pitied me. I was about 8:30 am and still pitch dark outside. I lugged all my things out of the train station and haled a cab. I showed him the email I received with my new address (at least for the next couple of months) and luckily he knew where to take me.

One of my house mates let me in. She took one of my carryons and I took the other and she showed me to my room. The narrow spiraling staircase led to another and then to another. I actually thought she was kidding around when she started to climb to the 4th floor, but no that was my room. I live on the 4th floor of a 3 story house! It's me and the heating unit in the attic! My bathroom, shower and sink are on the 3rd floor and I share them with 6 others.

After I arrived I made my bed with my new flannel sheets and crashed out. The kid I was subletting from left me a pillow and comforter. The bed has a mattress and that's it. I guess the whole box-spring luxury is an American thing. I had a radiator in my room and never spent a cold night!

This website is not intended to be a comprehensive account of my sojourn. If you are left out of my tale, please do not take offense. An omission is not intended to minimize anyone. Feel free to contact me and we can chat!
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