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Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have questions, but you're not sure who to ask?

You have arrived at the ultimate media resource.

Welcome to the Mediashack.

Media jobs
Number one priority. You know you like to write, and maybe you're decent, but do you want to count on your writing as a source of income? Check out the jobs at these great sites.

Mass Media Law
I know, I know, you have no interest in law. I bet if you wanted to be a lawyer, you would have gone to law school.

Well snap up, Snapperclaws!Here are some important ideas writers need to keep in mind.

  • How do you protect your original works? In other words, how do you get a copyright?
  • How far should you go to protect a source?
  • What are you permitted to publish?

News & Current Affairs and other Research Tools
(Our) life and times. Where else are you going to get ideas that matter?

Improving your craft
If you want to stay in shape, you MUST exercise!

Why do I care, you ask?

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