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My photographic experiences at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.


During the 2001 summer semester I went abroad with Florida International University's Creative Writing Program. We stayed at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. While there, I studied Creative Writing and Photography. I enjoyed both, but especially loved taking photos of the beautiful Irish landscape.

Kylmore Abbey in Connemara area, Ireland

The picture above is of Kylmore Abbey located in the Connemara area of Ireland. I think it turned out as my best shot on the trip becaue the lighting was right, and everything just seemed to fall into place with ease. Klymore Abbey is a working monestary, but it was originally meant to be a home that a rich gentleman built for his beloved wife, so the romantic story attached to it matches it's beautiful exterior.

Hore Abbey, near Cashel, Ireland

The above photograph was taken at Hore Abbey near Cashel, Ireland. The abbey is in ruins, which provides a mythical, mysterious look to it. I took this photograph right at sunset as a play on light and form.

Portrait done at Newgrange, Ireland

The above is a portrait I took of a fellow traveler while visiting Newgrange in Ireland. Newgrange is the site of an ancient burial ground that predates the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. I think this shot worked especially well because of the serene look on the subject's face.

Blackwater River in Ireland

Blackwater River in Ireland is the subject of the shot above. It was near dusk so I took several shots, but this one turned out best. I had to lean over a bridge to get the right angle and it was hard not to let my hands shake the camera, but the end product was worth it.

Portrait done in Dingle, Ireland

The above is another prtrait of a Dingle, Ireland native relaxing on a Saturday morning. I like this shot because the subject was so cheerful and great to work with. I also like the composition a lot becasue the shop window frames him well and the color red is repeated in several different places.


Well, those are my top five Ireland photos! I took TONS, but these were the best. I hope to go back again in the future and look forward to continuing my study of photography in the meantime.

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