Haad Rin Beach Thailand

Haad Rin Beach is a beautiful beach on the island of Phagnan off the eastern coast of Thailand. I spent a total of 3 weeks on Haad Rin in 1998 and 1999. The beach and surrounding bungalows are quiet and the water really is that color. The hut on the hill serves as a pub, live music venue and provides a perfect view for the monthly full moon party. During the full moon when the beach is at its widest, thousands of peopleincluding many vacationers from the upscale Ko Samui an hour away, come to the island for a night of revelry.

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Boat on Ko Samui

This picture was taken during my first visit to Thailand in 1998. I stopped on the more touristic island of Ko Samui on my way to the more secluded island of Ko Phagnan. This photo I took of a fishing boat reminds me of a painting I once painted of a fishing boat in Newfoundland, where I was born. On opposite sides of the globe, fishing boats lie on their sides in disrepair.

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