The secret garden in Seoul

Named for its isolated location in the middle of the Kyongbok palace grounds, this Korean traditonal structure used to be a place of leisure for Korean royalty. It is a beautiful little spot, much larger than this photo indicates, where the pressures of ruling could be forgotten. The translation of pi-won is secret garden--pi-mil kong-won, only shortened. I visited the secret garden for the first time with my Korean-American in-laws. As my husband is half Korean, his maternal grandmother still lives in Korea. She visited the Secret Garden for the first time in 1999.

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Temple roof

Buddhist temples in Korea are colorful and architecturally astounding. This shot of a temple roof shows the intricacies of the roof painting and the elaborate roof tiles. This temple in Kangwon province is near the top of a mountain, as are many Korean temples. I visited this temple with a few fellow Canadian teachers. It was a beautiful autumn day in Korea in 1999.

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