The Owen Page

First Owen

I faced a really tough choice in designing this page. How could I narrow down my "Final Four" photos from several stacks which number in the hundreds. I had forgotten how many pictures I had of family and friends until I began searching and realized I was left with a tough dilemma after being able to shrink my original list of favorite photos down to about 20. So, I eventually decided just to make this a page about my nephew, Owen, now almost 2.

Here's Owen as he and his Uncle Rob watch a Miami Dolphin NFL Playoff Game together. You can tell he's a future Dolphins fan, despite his daddy's insistence that he's going to follow the Bucs. All that's missing is Owen's Miami Dolphin Marino jersey. I haven't found one small enough for him, yet. But I'm still looking. In the meantime, watch out for Owen on the baseball and soccer fields in the next few years. Owen Two

You can see, Owen will have a good athletic lineage to follow -- his daddy and both his uncles played sports, so he is destined to star on an athletic field somewhere. Of course, that's probably a biased uncle's opinion. My brothers Chris (Owen's daddy) and Mark join me as we indoctrinate Owen into the rules of Marino Backyard Football. Owen Three

See what I'm up against to turn Owen into a Dolphins fan. His daddy thinks this is a dead giveaway to his future allegiances. Of course, when you're 1 years old, you don't have much say when anybody puts anything on your head.

Owen Four As you can see, I've run into a few obstacles trying to convert Owen into a Dolphin fan, so maybe I better concentrate my energies on the college level. Does this have future Gator written all over it? You're looking at a member of the UF Class of 2021. His daddy insists Owen is heading for his alma mater, Boston College, but just give me a few Christmases to convince Owen to head to Gainesville.