Rubbin' Elbows With Some Famous Folks

Meeting Chris Fowler in Chicago

OK, this is probably a little too self-serving, and knowing that humility is one of my better traits, I tried to resist the urge to create a page full of pictures of me and some famous folks who probably can't figure out what I'm doing in a picture with them. But, what the heck, this is my page, so humility goes out the window just on this page. So, enjoy seeing who I've "rubbed elbows" with.

In the first one up here to the right, I'm with a group of friends in Chicago. The guy on the bottom left is Chris Fowler, the host of ESPN's college football show and a really down-to-earth guy. Chris hung out with us through a friend of a friend. It was the ultimate guy's weekend in Chicago! Gen. Colin Powell

Here's me and Gen. Colin Powell planning military strategy. Yeah, right. No, this was actually at my former company's convention in the summer of 2000 in New Orleans. The General was the keynote speaker at our convention. Roy Jones Jr.

This is me and boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. from Pensacola. He's often billed as "The Best Pound For Pound Fighter In The World." Yikes!

Roy Firestone

Finally, here's me and Roy Firestone, also an ESPN announcer and maybe the most well-versed person I've ever met. If you're a sports fan, you may know Roy as hosting an afternoon TV show where he interviews assorted sports personalities. But at my former company's 1999 comvention in Chicago, Roy put on a fantastic musical show and did incredible impersonations of everyone, from politicians to entertainers to sports figures. What a multi-talented person!