I think all I need in life is a couple of really close friends.

Danny Murdoch

Dan Murdoch

Dan is great guy. He lives in Pittsburgh, but we talk all the time. He definitely keeps me in line, and helps me out of tough situations. He is graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. We write songs together and share a love of The Fleetwoods. We're so lucky we found each other. Of course I'm willing to share Dan because he is such a great person, and ladies, he's single! For more information about Dan, email me kkitch@ufl.edu, and I'll hook you up.

Lee Lee

Lee Barr

Lee is one of my dearest, dearest friends. We've known each other for almost 10 years. She attended Amherst College last year but she made her way back to Gainesville. She is now my roomate, and we are closer than ever. The theory that it is impossible to stay friends as roomates has not proven true for us. I don't even mind when her slobbery lovey-dovey dog, May, chews up my shoes. Lee is a great person that everyone should get to know, but she is unfortunately not single, so please no inquiries.

Jessica Ellison

Jessie Ellison

Jessie is a smart and sweet girl. She attends The University of Florida, and is currently an architecture student. I like being around Jessie because she has one of the greatest attitudes. She is awfully busy most of the time, like most architecture students. The picture shows Jessie's two angels. The rodent on her right sholder may seem evil, but it is just as good meaning as the wren on her left sholder. Oh and by the way, Jessie is single, and willing to be made a match!