Contempt The Godfather go back home

Jeremy Irons and Liv Tyler are featured in this coming-of-age story from 1996. The lush landscapes of Tuscany carry the film through its heavily criticized storyline. Acclaimed director and writer Bernardo Bertolucci, best known for Last Tango in Paris , makes use of innovative imagery to engage his audience. Bertolucci fans will definetly be able to appreciate the beauty of the film even if the story does not strike a chord with them.

The central character is nineteen-year-old Lucy Harmon, played by Liv Tyler. She visits Italy on holiday and stays with a group of people who knew her recently deceased mother well. Lucy is armed with her mother's diary and has a secret mission to find her real father. She also hopes to find herself through seeking out new experiences. Poetry and music supplement the lyrical quality of this film beautifully.

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Contempt The Godfather go back home

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