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Contempt, originally released in 1963,is written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard. He based the screenplay on Alberto Moravia's novel A Ghost at Noon. This film is one of the more conventional for this "new wave" director. Starring Bridgette Bardot, Jack Palance (as a cut-throat Hollywood producer), Michel Piccoli, and Fritz Lang (who plays himself), Contempt is a satire on filmmaking.

It follows a writer and his wife from Rome to the gorgeous island of Capri, where they try to work out a deal for a re-write of the "Odessey" and deal with revelations about their marriage. Many believe the story parallels Godard's relationship with his wife and leading lady, Anna Karina. Godard skillfully plays on Bridget Bardot's image as a sex symbol, makes symbolic use of primary colors, and creates an awareness of the audience from the beginning. This film has recently been re-released in a Cinemascope print with the backing of Martin Scorsese.

*See what Rome is all about

*View the playground of emperors, Capri

*Experience Godard

The Godfather Stealing Beauty go back home

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