Great UF

The University of Florida has a great reputation throughout the nation. Not only does UF have an amazing football team but it also has a great award winning Journalism college. I am happy to be apart of this university and the student life surrounding it. Located in Gainesville Florida, UF revolves around a highly productive agricultural industry and thrives on the students economic involvement. Students, which make up about 75 percent of Gainesville population,are the focus of this central Florida town.

Gamedays in Gainesville create a large amount of traffic. Around the stadium close to 100,000 people crowd the streets with football in mind. Every gameday is a festive event where students, alumni and fans gather to support the great gator legacy. Of course, not only is the UF football team far superior to that of Florida State University, but its academic ciriculum continues to produce highly qualified professionals sought by companies throughout the nation. Many people not able to get into UF apply to FSU because of the higher acceptance rate due to the lenient acceptance policies. What do you mean biased? He he.

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