No Dream

The long enduring, strain of pain
The lasting, never passing inner rain
The throbbing, pounding running through my veins
The gasping, breathless loss of happiness
The hurt, sorrow, and rejection of bliss
The strayed an intentional miss?
How am I to advance with inevitable
defeat staring me down?
How am I supposed to push forward
when all I can do is frown
How am I supposed to succeed
when I haven't any guide?
How do I better myself when I am
stripped of all my pride?
To whom am I going to confide?
To whom am I going to be denied?
To whom can I relay these grievances and thoughts?

To whom can I expose my
blunders and faults?
These trials and tribulations
have broken me
These struggles are controlling
me totally
These pitfalls have blunted
my will to fight
These obstacles obscure
my direction and sight
This over bearing frame of mind
This pressing conflict time after time
This unforgiving continual dispute
This torn feeling has made me mute
So how do I react to this maze?
So how do I overcome this daze?
So how do I fulfill my dream?
When I have no dream to redeem

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