Deception by one takes no toll
Dishonesty by another condemns the soul
An even medium plays the role
Although, happiness within is the goal
To that fact the paths are not clear
Of which direction is the way to steer
All are different but of one common link
We all have the ability to reason and think
Repercussions are how most decide
On what decision they should abide
A few will try to take and take
Not learning from a previous mistake
Demise in one way or another
Will take place only skin to cover
The pain endured when deceit
Is the practice and complete

Deprivation of doing right
Shows an obvious, deep, growing plight
Inhibiting the proper way of site
Adding to the mounting contrite
Slowly building animosity
Wanting only to be free
Binding by only consistency
Of wrongful doing so easily
Performed by repeated history
Blinding inner hypocracy
Change of mind, soul and ways
Doesn't come in two or three days
A way of life and repetition
Focused actions with conviction
Leads to the acheivement of your mission
Dismissing a previous downward condition

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