Forlorn thoughts and wasted days
Inner shots from every way
Now whole is half and full is not
Half is lost but not forgot
Earthquakes to tremors forever passing
Losing to lost is forever lasting
Turmoil itself will fade with time
Facadic content is uneasy to mime
Some do perfect and others do not
Individually we'll all get our shot
Stagnation of mind will eventually occur

Awareness is key in which you defer
Mind will be off and on will be it
That's the beginning of that lone pit
Wider, deeper, forever it expands
Confusion and lonliness is what it demands
To hold together what shouldn't be one
Invites only devastation to be done
Although, if two are one it should be gripped
With both hand never to be stripped
See...Puzzles are whole, then pieces broken apart
Ten whole once again for another new start

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