Jewel in the Making

Heartcry Interracial Love Mission
Heartcry Interracial Love Mission
Freedom Greetings and saluations, my name is Ashley Jewel Johnson - the Jewel in the Making. I am a junior at the University of Florida, College of Journalism, studying the field of public relations. Graduation set for December 2002.

Since my life has began, I have reached out for my dream. Day by day I strive for excellence, less than that is not an option. Over the years I have demonstrated citizenship, community service, scholarship, creativity, and spiritual development.

I believe that I am qualified to live because I demonstrate a purpose. My purpose is to be an example, a torch of inspiration, to recognize the truth. Honesty will be the lamp unto my path. I am committed to use my given talents wisely, be a conqueror of hate, calamity, and the impossible.

I hope that as you continue to look through my sight you will find encouragement and enlightenment from the Jewel in the making.
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