Students in study prove UF is the number one party school

Nicole Janok
Nicole Janok Times
A recent study released by Janok publications stated University of Florida is the number one college in the state. Not only did UF students score better on aptitude tests than their FSU counterparts, but they also exhibited remarkable social and partying skills.
The study followed a group of young women and men from UF and other, less important state schools for a year. The subjects varied in age from 19-25, all attending their respective state school.
"I knew that UF would come out on top," said UF junior, Nicole Janok. " I absolutley love UF and I think it really is the best university in the state!"
UF scored the highest on the aptitude test, the number of keg parties on a Saturday night, number of social activities and number of attractive men available. Many of the UF students involved in the study said they did nothing out of the ordinary to alter the study. "It's always out of control up here, every weekend," Janok said.

What was most notable were the differences in test score between UF and FSU. "I'm not surprised our test scores are higher," Janok said." I was accepted to FSU without sending my highschool transcripts.

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