Slowing economy restricts journalism internships

Nicole Janok
Nicole Janok Times
The dwindling economy recently eliminated many paid journalism internships. The compettive nature of the journalism field leaves student little choice when it comes to finding paid internships.Some students say the experience is worth more than any stipened could offer.

"I really don't care whether or not I am paid, I just need to get as much experience possible, as soon as possible," said University of Florida journalism student, Nicole Janok.
At the start of her junior year, Janok has already worked for a student publication and a local e-magazine. She said she is looking into a different web job for the spring semester, and yet another one for the summer.
"I need to have a rather flexible internship this summer because I am studying abroad in May. I think I will look at The Gainesville Sun or possibly the Palm Beach Post," Janok said. "I am originally from West Palm so the Post would be ideal."

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