Oct 23.2001

Student finishes online project

Nicole Janok
Nicole Janok Times

Early Tuesday morning, University of Florida junior, Nicole Janok finally finished her homepage project after emense sweat and tears. The project was assigned at the begginning of the semester,but Janok decided to wait until the last minute.
"This always happens to me,"she said. " I never seem to leave myself enough time."
Janok said she is very busy with school, work and intramurals, which leaves her little time to plan ahead. Now that she is in her junior year at the University of Florida, Janok said she is in her hardest semester thus far.
"I am taking three journalism classes and a 4000-level English class," she said. "I'm not sure what I was thinking."

Despite her hectic schedule,which includes school,an internship,intramurals and a part-time job, Janok was able to complete the project, only missing out on a few nights of partying. Her next endeavor is completing a research introduction that is already past due.

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