Woodstock Rant: Enter with Caution

I would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on the riots at Woodstock, which were inaccurately portrayed in the media. We had to riot. When someone makes you pay $150 to get into a concert and then proceeds to charge $10 for a burrito and $5 for a chicken sandwich, which basically ends up being a nugget on bread, then something is grossly wrong.

Free water was promisied, but about half way through the three days it was no longer potable because of contamination( no joke, little brown chunks were floating around in it). We then had to buy bottles of water for $4 a pop. It was ridiculously hot and you needed water or you would die.

The showers were always crowded( I personally didn't shower for the whole time). The toilets were unusable because they had been filled to the brim with nature's business and were never emptied. It was unbelievably hot and without enough water, food or sanitation, those kind of conditons will make you go insane.

Not to mention the fact that the stuff we could get cost you somewhere around the equivalent of promising the soul of your first born child to beelzebub himself. It was the promoters, and in fact the whole greedy culture, that were to blame for the problems and they got what they deserved. No, actually I take that back, they should have all been taken out back(pardon me for being crass) and fu*#ed like they fu*#ed us.

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