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me on top of Mt. Hood

Here's me on the top of Mt. Hood, Ore. I went snowboarding there this past spring break with my friends. Now some of you are probably saying, "Good lord man. What the hell did you go to colder-than-a-withces-teat Oregon on spring break for?"

Well, I had never seen snow before and frankly I was getting tired of all this damn sunshine anyway. That's not true. I went because Snowboarding's a frikkin' blast.

We had a great time snowboarding all day, but there wasn't a thing to do once we got back to the town we stayed in. I mean all we did was sit at this local bar and drink with eachother for nine days. I think we saw maybe 20 girls the entire time we were there, including Moms.Withstanding the lack of social activities, it was great a trip. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Here's me landing after I busted a phat air off this box jump on Hood. At the beginning of the trip I was hurting so bad from falling down every two seconds.

I literally spent the first two days after we got off the mountain sitting in a hot tub and crying out for the merciful lord to strike me down with an avalanche. But I got better and I'm now addicted to snowboarding and planning on going to Colorado for winter break.

We drove into Portland a few times while we were in Oregon. On this particular trip our van got a flat tire and here we are all looking around to see who's going to jump in there and fix it first. This was actually on the way to a St. Patricks Day festival.

If you are ever in Portland on the greenest day o' the year then you have to try Kells Portland Irish Festival. It was the best damn St. Patty's Day party I have ever been to, if not one of the best parties, period. It comes highly recommended by drunken college students and other groups of ill repute all across these great lands.

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