I'm no Magellan but I like to think I've been a lot of places. I've traveled throughout much of the U.S., Europe and Australia with my family and friends, but there is still so much of the world I have yet to see. The past two summers I studied abroad in England and Italy and got to travel extensively. Backpacking on your own teaches you things you could never learn in books. But enough about my worldliness. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my European tours.
Positano is a small resort town on the Amalfi coast of Italy. The town is made up of houses, restaurants and hotels built into the cliffs overlooking the ocean. What was supposed to be a one-day stopover turned into a four-day stay, and we spent it doing little else but lying on the black rocky beach and floating in the salty water.
Cambridge is a university town with historic colleges and obsessively manicured lawns. No one but the most elite professors is allowed to walk on the grass, and you will be yelled at if you break the rule. This was our view of King's College walking to class every morning.
We happened to be in Paris on the last day of the Tour de France, but we did get around to see most of the sights in just over a day. I dragged Lauren to the Louvre, but she liked it after all ("Don't worry miss, I'm not a statue"), so much so that we sat outside for an hour after it closed talking to some man who claimed to be an Algerian journalist.
Amanda and I spent two days in Florence on a marathon museum run. P.S.: Don't go to Florence if you don't like museums. The crowning glory of all was Michelangelo's statue of David. Even though this one is the reproduction it's better because it's outside, and you can take all the immature pictures you want.