I'm not really much of a net surfer; in fact, I hate computers. But when I do go online, these are a few of my favorite things:

Music Sites:

Official Otis Redding Website: The official tribute page to the greatest soul singer ever. Rest in peace, Big O.
Van Morrison Website: A good comprehensive site for info on my favorite fat Irishman.
Dave Matthews Band Website: Good for tour info on the college student mascot of all bands.
David Gray Online: Don't know who he is? You should be ashamed of yourself. Oh well, more for me.
Tenacious D: See Shaq spank Jack Black- funny!

Comedy Sites:

Late Show With David Letterman: My comedic hero. His web site is just as funny as his show. And for those of you who don't watch, that means very.
Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Conan's running a close second in my book since I saw him the last time I was in New York and he kept talking about Tito Jackson.
Saturday Night Live: My favorite show ever. People say it's not funny, but every time I watch with them, they laugh. Hypocrites.
Seinfeld: Where to go when the reruns just aren't enough.
The Simpsons Official Site: You could be the smartest person on the planet and still not get all the jokes. And I think I would know.
The Onion: So much better than CNN.com; who cares if you're misinformed as long as you have a good sense of humor?
Austin Powers Official Site: And to think I nearly forgot about my favorite movie of all time. Mike Myers is next to godliness.

Fun for Bored People:

Am I Annoying or Not?: Like Am I Hot or Not?, but not as mean, because they're famous people and they deserve it.
Mr. T vs. Eminem: Anything bearing the name Mr. T deserves a look.
Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers: Who knows, maybe your dad will be on the site too.
The Dialectizer: Translates web sites or text into dialect. Because making fun of people with accents is fun!
Book-A-Minute: Super-condenses the classics. English nerds only need apply.