My Posse
Jerry Seinfeld once said, "Friends are the DNA of society. They are the building blocks of life."
I can't believe I just quoted Jerry Seinfeld like he was Mark Twain or something.
Bridget and Lauren, my two girls, and I go way back. We're like those annoying people who always laugh at their own inside jokes. Come to think of it, we are those people.
Bridget and Lauren
Cherry, my roommate, is slaving through nursing school and still manages to always be smiling and laughing. It's a symbiotic thing; she practices listening to my breathing with her stethoscope while I read her my stories. Everyone wins.
My girl Amanda, Pensacola native and proud of it, and I met while studying abroad in Cambridge, England and since then have traveled throughout the globe. OK, well mostly just Western Europe and New Orleans, but still.
Jay is studying for a year in Lancaster, England and is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. We miss him but we're very proud. Check out his stellar web site: Jay in the U.K. (He's witty, that one.)
Mike, sarcasm's poet laureate, is in graduate school at Columbia. This forces me to have to make many trips to New York and is a real drag. Except for when he takes me to see tapings of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Then it's not so bad.