The Jackson Four
The Jackson family is a complex bunch.
My father, Al, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was Italian and his father was from Kentucky. Grandma worked for Chase Manhattan Bank and only had one eye. Grandpa worked for the Manhattan Transit Authority repairing buses and served in the Navy during World War II. He looked kind of like Joe DiMaggio in uniform.
Grandpa Jackson
My dad went to Hunter College in New York City, but his claim to fame is that he was at Woodstock. He played the guitar and still plays the drums. In high school he had long hair, one of his many stylish phases.
My Dad
Dad traveled through Europe after college, and that's when he met my mom. My mother, Hanne, is from Denmark. She met my dad in the swinging 70s and moved to the U.S. after they got married. All of her family still lives in Denmark. She has been here for 25 years and still refuses to become a U.S. citizen. So she tells me who to vote for. Anyway, after they got married the young couple lived in Tennessee and Vermont before moving to Dayton, Ohio, where I was born in 1981. I was a good baby, and my mom used to sing me to sleep in the rocking chair on the porch. OK, I made that part up.
My Mom
It wasn't long before we all moved to New Jersey (Go Jersey!), where my brother, Nick, was born two years later. We spent our carefree years in Piscataway, New Jersey before moving to Gainesville, Florida in 1988, where we've been ever since. Nick and I always dressed up in costume before we left the house. OK, I made that part up too.
Me and Nick
Our family has been in Gainesville for 14 years now, and much has changed in that time. The newest Jackson is our dog, Jet. She came from the pound and likes to chew on Beanie Babies in her spare time.
My dad is now a social worker at the VA Medical Center in Lake City. My mom is an elementary school art teacher. My brother is a senior in high school. And I still live in Gainesville, but not at home. I love them, but you understand.