"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
I was born on January 24, 1980 in Atlanta,Georgia to two very young parents, Debbie and Danny. They were so young in fact that the marriage did not last long, after one other child, Melissa, who is my baby sister, my parents went their separate ways... I was five. Not long after this, both of my parents remarried and produced more children. Heather is my mother's child and Christina and Brandi are my father's children. That is right Folks I am the eldest of 5 girls! me as baby
at graduation After my mother remarried we moved to Gainesville Florida. This was in 1989, and I was nine years old. I attended Metcalfe Elementary School where I was a safety patrol. I was in the All-County Band at Howard Bishop Middle School.

I left my mark at Gainesville High School through Student Government, in which I was a vice president, a senator, a house member, and the senior class secertary. I graduated with honors and received the Florida Merit Scholarship for my academic performance.

When you grow up in Gainesville the only thing you want to do is leave for college. The only problemn is that one of the best schools in the country is in your back yard. I started my college career at Santa Fe Community College. It is here that I learned the power of studying... and thank God for that.

I received my Associate of Arts degree from Santa Fe in August 2000. From here I was headed to the big leagues of a state universtiy. The University of Florida has been the most exciting page of my life. I have met so many people from all different walks of life. Not only will I take a superb education when I leave, but I will also take with me friendships that will last a life time. My major is Public Relation with a minor in Sociology. I love to learn. One of my favorite parts about school is all of the different perspectives that I am exposed to. I will miss the "boys of 'ole Florida" when I leave, but boy am I ready to spread my wings...

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ME and Tom It is funny how college changes you. I am a completely different person now than in my early years of life. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is the greatest person alive! I am glad I found him before someone else scooped him up. His name is Tommy. I think he is so dreamy! I plan on moving away from Gainesville as soon as I graduate. The tentative date of graduation is August 10, 2002. I CANNOT WAIT In the mean time I am going to look for a job. If you know anyone who needs a very active Public Relations professional send them to this web site and have them check out my resume!

I love flowers. I would love it if I could get fresh flowers everyday. I think flowers make people feel better. So to make you feel better I included some as a parting gift from me to you... thanks for the hit!

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