I love Chicago! It is one of my favorite places to visit. This year my mom ran the Chicago Marathon The trip was awsome. Not only did I get to watch my mom finish a 26 mile race, but I got to share the experience with my boyfriend and my best friend. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.
Here is a picture we took from Navy Pier at night. The city is so beautiful.
Can you see the Sears Tower on the left in the back?
chicago at night
me and mom This is a picture of my mom Debbie and I. We are on the "EL". This is the way that most people get around in Chicago. They call it the "EL" because it is elevated above the ground. Their transit system works like the NYC subway system. The only difference is that the trains run above ground.
This is all of us (minus my step-father who is taking the picture). On the right is my mom's running partner Mary. These women are amazing. On the other side is my best friend Ashley and her boyfriend Ryan. Of course in the middle is my mom and I. Behind me is my boyfriend Tom. My mom is showing off her medal. She ran the marathon in five hours!! You go Mom!!! all of us
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