My beautiful dog is named Chanel Marie, in honor on the reknown designer Coco Chanel. She is a mixture of a Chiguagua and Pekinis and she's the most beautiful creature! Chanel has the most expressive and happiest eyes I've ever seen, they are greenish and full of life. Her characteristical bark always make the center of attention. Everyone knows her in our street. Not only is she loving and careing but she has been a "symbol" for the Humane Society, where she was born. The day I decided to have a dog I wanted to adopt it since they are beautyful but many people discard them because they aren't pure breed. Since I saw her, small and fragil I instantly knew she aws destined for me. Now everyone that sees her and she was adopted in the Humane Society they have decided to adopt other needy dogs. What they don't know is that she is not only special but she is also unique.