Favorite things

Anything and everything I do is propelled by a feeling of passion. Languages have always been my favorite subject in school. My goal is to learn (at least the basics)of five language. Until now I have accomplished three and half languges. My plan until now is to take Italian classes and from there decide what other language or dialect I want to learn.

Dancing is a very important part of my life. If you like latin dancing you probably have seen me at Twylo on Friday nights(free advertisment). Eventhough I'm away from home salsa and merengue brings me a little piece of my island. Throughout my life dancing has been one of the ways I express my emotions.I've been dancing since the age of five. So if you ever feel stressed or sad try dancing, it will clear your mind and it's also a great exercise!

Reading is another of my passions. Since I was little my mom inculcated in me a love towards books. Every night we used to read a chapter of the novel or story we had selected that week. My all-time favorite novel, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, was read to me at the age of seven. Little Women continues to intregue me no matter how many times I read it. Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth will always be in my memory. Even now I still feel compeled to read a book rather than watch T.V.on my free time. Books give you the forte of imagining and immerse in a fantastic world ful of possibilities. Which is a good way to find asylum from everyday stress.

"The women is a sorce of fire/Women is a river of love/Latin women are women with the music inside." Dolores Prida