About me:

My name is Yasmin Denise Hernandez Montalvo. I'm 20 years old and was born in SanJuan, Puerto Rico on April 8, 1981. My astrological sign is Aries, which describes me very well: passionate,active, with a strong character but at the same time sweet and compassive. It's very difficult to make me loose my temper, but when it does happen, watch out!

I'm my mother's only child and my dad's third daughter, he has two other daughters from a previous marriage. This brought some advantages, not only did I get all the attention I wanted (I was never spoiled) it also made me closer to my to parents. Both of them inculcated in me the importance of good manners and a good education. They were big promotors of the arts. This is why I went to very competitive schools, Parkville School for elementary and Academia del Perpetuo Socorro for middle and high school. Both schools aimed for excellency and emphasized in the importance of knowledge. This is why I not only speak Spanish (my first language) and English but I also know Portuguese and a little bit of French.

Last year due to an illness I had to study at the University of Puerto Rico which prove to be an excellent experience. It gave me the opportunity to compare these two institutions. Both are excellent schools but I realized that I would have a more stable and secure education here, at the University of Florida.

Overall I've enjoyed my childhood and teen years which has made me a happier and more fulfilled young adult. Eventhough life hasn't been a bed of roses I've learned from my bad experiences. Without them I wouldn't be able to learn to appreciate what I have now and what I've accomplished. Eventhough I haven't done what I'm destined (whatever it is), but soon will achieve it.