prayer gathering

Sit back. Or maybe you had better go get a pen and paper so that you can take notes on what I'm about to say.

After recent events, many people may be disillusioned with society and believe the world is coming to an end. And while everyone would agree that the attacks of Sept. 11 were terrible, it is no reason to jump to paranoid conclusions.

People, in my opinion, are and have always been self-serving. Some philosophers portray this by stating people are inherently bad. The general idea is the same. But being selfish, people join together to better themselves and thus, the whole group. This group is society. And since society works together to benefit itself, it will unite and take care of the problem.

After what has happened, society will grow stronger. Society will again demand justice for breaking the rules that they have put forth as law. And for anyone that is worried about oppression and censorship, I remind them of the words of Sir Edward Coke: Law is the safest shield. The law protects us, and we the people still have a say in what is and isn't acceptable in todays changing world.

Humankind, in addition to being self-serving, is persevering and determined to survive. The laws, both the written and the unwritten, will be upheld. Life is not meant to be easy, and certainly right now it is not. But faith in religion and in each other gives me the strength to say with certainty that I will see the resurrection of a sound, strong and safe society.