About Me

Me and Jo

The most important page yet. The World According to Jake's views about the man behind the site.

Let me begin by telling you my full name- Jake Hanson. Yes, like the character on FOX's Melros Place and no, not related to the group. I grew up in Ocala, Fla. and am a journalism student at the University of Florida.

I'm an active member in many extracurricular activities, most notably Delta Chi Fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Golden Key.

But that still doesn't paint the whole picture of who I am. A person is more than the sum of the activities they participate in. A person is complex. And only through interaction can someone's true nature be revealed.

Some people think of me as habitually hostile and suspicious, but those who really know me can say without regret that it isn't so. They know that what some view as hostility is truly pure honesty unleashed. Everyone has their flaws, and this is one of mine. I don't just go around telling people off, but when someone asks my opinion I don't sugar-coat what I say either.

By now, no one is any closer in understanding me or the bond that I share with my friends. I don't expect this page to reveal any deep part of me, but to merely show a glimpse of the creator of this site which I hope you'll enjoy with an open mind.