me and friends

So you've decided to see what I think about friends. Good choice.


Friends are priceless, but don't try to accumulate them. The key is quality, not quantity. A friend, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, is, "A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts." The keyword here is trust. Don't give trust away to strangers or people whom let you down unless you just enjoy pain and suffering.

As a life-long commitment, it should be no surprise that friends are important. Without them, you drift aimlessly. Friends are companions through life's lessons, hard times and high points.

Eventhough the word friend has been defined, the essence of the word lacks audible tones. Words can't express the way you feel when you are around people that have such strong, loving feelings towards you. Friends are more than what can be said or expressed. Friends know what the other is thinking, feels what the other feels, and always treats you like a brother or sister.

Remember, the most important things in our trip through life are the intangible relationships that we make throughout the journey. Don't travel alone and get to know those that walk the path with you.