Friends & Family

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.

--Winnie the Pooh

The most impotrant things in life are friends and family, becasue they are always there for you no matter what happens.

Me and my best friend Stephanie My roommate Stephanie is my best friend. We have lived together since freshman year, and everyone thinks we are twins. (Though I don't really see why...we look totally different.) Stephanie and I are exactly alike, we even have the same laugh.

My friend Janelle is my other best friend, and I have known her since 7th grade. She goes to the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and even though I don't see her that often, we still are close. Me and my 2nd best friend Janelle

I have five siblings: four brothers and one sister. I am the oldest, and the rest range in age from 8 to 18. I am very close with the youngest child, my brother Kevin, probably because I was 11 when he was born and was like a second mother to him.
My youngest brother Kevin

One of my brothers attends the University of Florida with me, he is a freshman majoring in computer engineering. My mother hopes that the rest of her children will attend UF also, and we'll be the Gainesville Six.