All About Dayna

NAME: Dayna Elizabeth Gaff

D.O.B.: March 4, 1981

HOME: Jacksonville, FL

COLLEGE: University of Florida

MAJOR: Public Relations and Political Science

FUTURE PLANS: To live happily ever after


LIKES: Old movies, my cabbage patch doll, TLC, Gator Football, traveling, running, long showers, chocolate, steak, tulips and handsome men above age 22

YOU CAN FIND ME...: In room six at the Delta Gamma house, in my office down in the chapter room, in the Gator Growl office, running around campus like a chicken with its head cut off or at Swamp (if I am lucky)

MY FRIENDS SAY I'M...: Busy, messy, spunky, intelligent, perfectionist, high-strung, inclined to gossip and assertive

PURPOSE OF THIS SITE: To show off my newly acquired HTML writing skills for my college professor, and to give people a glimpse of my life.

The wild side of Dayna

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