The Family

My mom and dad I could not have asked for a better mom and dad to raise me. I thank God every night that I was blessed with such wonderful parents. When I think of all the crazy nonsense that goes on in our society, I cannot help but think that it must be a reflection of home life. My parents have spoiled me with love my entire life. I have never had a doubt in my mind that they would be there for me when I needed them. They are what I hope my husband and I will be like with our kids. This is, of course, contingent upon me finding a man who will put up with me for a lifetime. I love my parents very much. I only hope that I can make them proud. I owe it to them after all the hard work they poured into me.
On Feb. 7, 1984, God blessed my little family with twins...I think. When I was three, my mom gave birth to two girls: my twin sisters, Angela and Rebecca. Mom tells me that I wanted my twin sisters to come more than anything in the world. I do not remember this, and I know I did not feel like this for a long time. Now, after many years of bickering, I love them very much. Angela, Rebecca and I are different in many ways, but we share a bond that will last forever. We are blood and nothing will ever change that. My sister Angela
It is funny to think of my sisters as seniors in high school getting ready to join me here at UF. They would tell you that I mother them as much as our mom does. I think they know I only want their lives to be the best they can be. I want so much for them to be fulfilled and to be loved. I know that they are too awesome for any of those high school boys. I know that they are growing into two beautiful women that are going to conquer any obstacle set in their path. And they will do it with grace. My sister Rebecca
Angela, Rebecca and Dayna...The Gaff Girls

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