Delta Gamma

Ivy, Dayna, Regan, Kristin, Lisa and Adrienne in sailor hats! In fall 1999, I pledged Delta Gamma at the University of Florida. Dee Gee's are known all over campus by our sailor hats and our anchors. When the frat boys see the sailor hats coming down the row, they drool. At least that is what we tell ourselves. Going Greek was a great decision for me. I did not want to pledge at first, but my parents talked me into it. I do not think my college experience could have been the same without Delta Gamma.
Delta Gamma's mascot is Happy Hannah. She has a strange resemblance to Raggedy Ann. Every year in the Homecoming parade Delta Gamma pledges dress up like Happy Hannah and parade down University Avenue. It is a tradition that the pledges come to the house early in the morning, wake up their big sisters and get dressed for the parade. The big sisters are in charge of getting the makeup and putting it on the pledge. I remember it took me a while to scrub the red lipstick off my face. Happy Hannahs in Homecoming parade
Kelly and Dayna on Anchor My little sister in Delta Gamma is Kelly Lamont. The picture of Kelly and I was taken on paddle day. Paddle day is when Kelly gave me the paddle she made. She made my paddle exactly the way I wanted it. I wanted the traditional anchor paddle, and I got it. (note: This does not happen with everything I want.) Picking a little sister is a strenuous thing. I did very well picking Kelly. She was a great addition to the family. I recently helped Kelly chose her little sister. I'm really getting old.
The first day of rush, when all the potential new members were packed into University Auditorium, these girls with orange hats came walking down the aisles singing the Greek alphabet. I did not know who they were, but I knew that I wanted to be one if I ever got the chance. Well I got the chance to be a girl in an orange hat, a Rho Chi, this rush. I had a blast looking out for 60 girls as they made their way through the entire rush process. The best part was the orange hat and the girls. The worst part was the constant harassment by every male on campus who wanted to steal my orange hat. Dee Gee PX's
Dayna and hot football players A friend once called me a cleat chaser. I prefer to think of myself as a person who appreciates the male athletic form. At Anchor Ball, Delta Gamma's formal in the spring, Brock Berlin and Todd Johnson (Gator football players) were the dates of two of my sorority sisters. My pledge sister, Kristin Kuntz, and I could not resist getting a picture taken with them. My entire family freaked out when I showed them this picture. My sisters have a mild obsession as well.
Delta Gamma is a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of work to maintain. I learned this when I was elected to be vice president finance last fall. Sometimes I feel like Delta Gamma's slave because I am in my little financial office in the chapter room way too much. I have lots of support from my sisters and from my president, Karen Persis. Soon I will have to relinquish my reign as vice president finance. I want to say I will be sad. However, I cannot. Delta Gamma needs an accountant. Treasurer Dayna and President Karen

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