Sports and Men.
By Tom "Baum" Selleck

Now sports, you see, is not just something men seek refuge in to get away from our annoying better-halves, rather they are an institution to vicariously live as gods, like those once emulated by our Greek predecessor athletes that resemble the alpha males of society and a personification of the divine.

It is essential that all men love sports. If you don't please consult your physician and have him conduct a chromosome test. The gene to love sports should be very near the gene for the love of Hooters. Once located, have good ole doc check to make sure everything is in order and have him prescribe you some testosterone. If this gene cannot be found it is all probable that you are completely lacking the infamous "Y" chromosome. In this case please type in the address bar of your browser to get you back to your friends.

Back to sports. I highly recommend fantasy leagues. Participation in such genius games can not only provide you with a season of fun but they can also make you feel like you actually can survive in the world of sports management.

I'll leave you with these words: "Always root for the winner so you won't be disappointed".

Women & Sports
By our very own juggie - Suzie.

Women love guys that are into sports, not just the ones actually playing them. Why? Simple. Because it gives us girls a sense of belonging. Girls, in general, are not as good as men when it comes to sports. I mean, who really watches the WNBA? Not me. And I would certainly not date any guy that did.

OK, so big fat hairy guys are not sexy at all. So once in a while you should get out and actually try and do some sort of athletic activity. Just remember, "It's not just about what you do, but how you look doing it".