The Rest of The Best.
This is the part of the web site that is dedicated to all the other things that men enjoy or at least should enjoy. Let's go through a list of things that you as a man should either have, want, or know about:

  • Beer, beer, beer
  • Tattoos
  • Tools
  • Gadgets
  • Our Military
  • Weightlifting
  • At least two porn stars' names
  • How to punch someone properly.


The girls we call terrorist. In light of recent actions by the menstruating maggots of the world, other wise known as terrorists, we'd like to dedicate this little "gulp" of information to you the cowards.

We're coming for you. Nice beard retard, it'll look nice on fire. We hope you like living in a cave while we still go watch football games, ride our motorcycles, and go out with chicks you only dreamed of. Check out our front page in case you missed it dumbass.

No need for you.

Our guest columnist Mr. Eyellkillya tells us his thoughts on terrorist.

After spending months in The Middle East and doing my share of cleaning up I have come across new information that is both disturbing and comical.

Unequivocally we have discovered that Osama Bin Laden has been dating Iraq's president Sadam Hussain on and off. As it turns out both of these men are homosexuals desperately trying to hide it by committing acts of terrorism and thus also attempting to make up for their small penises, (I know, I'm a spy).

Details of this gay relationship are still sketchy but we are however sure of the tulips these two really are.