Be a Man!
Please check all estrogen at the door, you are about to experience manly stuff. If you are new here then you should know that this site is for men who like to be men. It may also serve as a learning tool for those of you of the male persuasion that haven't quite got it right yet. If you are a woman interested in man stuff and thus that is the reason why you are here then you are either a great female trying to learn how to make us men happy or you are a feminist activist trying to eat away at our first amendment rights. Regardless, this should be an entertaining visit for everyone.

Check your guns. The first thing that every man should enjoy or at least pretend to like is guns - big ones. It is in our nature to create big things and then blow them up. Therefore, fire power is of the utmost importance. As a man's man you should visit your local gun range and blast off several hundred of your favorite caliber rounds. If you don't own a gun you might want to check your pants to ensure your testicles are still attached.

Porn-eye point - of - view.
Our guest columnist Pimp-D Cottey explores why men are so addicted to porn.

A Day without porn, is like a day without sunshine. Men need porn, this is an indesputable fact. God knew this since there were no video stores available for Adam, he took one of his ribs and gave him a plaything.

Guy-on-chic, chic-on-chic, threesomes, chic-on-horse, snake-in-chic, midget-on-monkey. It's all great visual splendor for me.

Porn is good for business too. If it weren't for the porn industry. If it weren't for them Lubriderm would have gone out of business!