The Fast and The Furious.
By Scottie "Two-Hottie"

All right gents, lets get down to what really matters in life, hot chicks. For some of you out there, like myself, gorgeous women are always lined up at your bedroom door. However, for those of you that have a better chance at winning the lottery than scoring with a girl from Playboy, let me tell you one way to accomplish the task at hand.

We all know that women fall for the Tom Cruise Navy pilot type, but let's face it how many of you have what it takes to be a "Top Gun"? Although there is one thing that you can learn from the sissy boy actor, buy a motorcycle. I'm not talking about a Harley neither. Not unless you want to meet women with whom gravity has already paid a terrible visit to. I'm talking about the next best thing to a jet fighter and a lot more economical, for you pizza delivery guys - a sport bike (a.k.a. crotch rocket). When picking out your bike there are only two things that you need to worry about. First and foremost, how fast is it and secondly does it look cool. After you've signed your life away to the bank (only about $8-11k), buy yourself a new pair of shades and prepare for the ride of your life.

Be forewarned that this enterprise is not for the lighthearted. You truly need balls of steel to handle one of these machines and the women that come with them. If you are tired of spending your Saturday night watching the fuzzy channels hoping for a clear view (you know which channels I'm talking about) then get off your lazy rear end and get shopping. May the force be with you and just remember that they don't call it a "crotch rocket" for nothing. Ride hard and fast!!

The Need 4 Speed
Cars & Trucks for guys.

Let's face it, if you are going to own an automobile why not have one that speaks volumes about your personality? You want a car or truck that tells the world: "Hey! I am the king of my domain, the head cheese, and if you don't get out of my way I will run over your wussy car".

If you are a true man you must know the bare minimum when it comes to automobile mechanics. Even if you don't just make sure you sound like you know what you are talking about in front of your girlfriend or wife. Carburetors, fuel injection, spark plugs, flex-capacitor - these are all things that you should be familiar with, know where they are and what they look like. Check your local auto parts store if you don't.

The important point here is to get to your destination in style! To check out how chics and fast vehicles compliment each other go to